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My love for love songs is well known especially when I do a live set ! 

So I am very excited to present to you a simple love song ( In Love ) and to be honest the world needs a lot of love right now. 

I have written this song purely about the feeling of being in love  that moment when nothing else matters and you are lost totally in that moment being in love is a beautiful thing. 

As my career enters into a strange time given that I can not perform I wanted to release a song that would enable me to be able to go back into the studio and record the next album with my band……  We are going to have some down time  until the venues open up again and its the perfect opportunity to make some magic. 

I am asking for £2 per download for ( In Love )  word of mouth is everything  so please feel free to share my website and let everyone know that being in love is a beautiful thing. 

Thank you in advance 

Natasha xxxxx 

Written by: Natasha Watts & Nick Gilmore

Strings arranged by: Robin Lee

Mix & Mastered by: Richard Earnshaw

Music video produced by: Jessica Phillips

Available from 29th June  |   Pre Order from 15th till 21st

General release 22nd onwards

All preorders will be sent out on Friday 19th June, Thank you